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Eddie Murphy--Irresistible!

Some things are irresistible, just ask Eddie Murphy. After 28 years off of stand-up comedy and after refusing to imitate Bill Cosby on Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary (SNL) earlier this year, Murphy did just that – stand-up and a Cosby imitation at the 18th Annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at The Kennedy Center.

Murphy himself was gracious when he took the stage and said that when you get this type of award, “you’re very very old,” but he hoped that meant he was ahead of the game. Murphy then proceeded to show he is still at the top of his game by skewering former Twain Prize winner Bill Cosby and the national scandal surrounding him. “You know you fucked up when they try to make you give your trophies back,” he said of the Cosby scandal and public outcry to rescind some of Cosby’s awards. “Maybe we should call this the Mark Twain surprise,” Murphy quipped, “because there is no money in it.” He went on to say that was opposed to an award, and he wanted an award, not a prize. “I love you. This is a wonderful night.” It was colorful comedy and colorful language throughout the evening; tough editing job ahead for the PBS WETA release on November 23rd at 9/8c. (Check local listings)