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In classic Tricia-style, I injured myself this week and was unable to walk for 36 hours. Seriously, I can't make this stuff up. And while joking with a beloved former employee about my all too common antics, I proposed incorporating a cane into my look. "A stick could be part of my 'schtick'." While in jest, the idea actually had some appeal. I would love to be eccentric and iconic with a look that is utterly unmistakable. I've never thought of myself that way. Or maybe I've just never had the guts. As a child, I was considerably quiet and timid (I know some of you find that hard to believe). I didn't really find my voice until my thirties. Well now that I'm heading toward the big 4-0 and my life seems to become more frenetic by the day, maybe it's time to embrace a little eccentricity. It may be just what the doctor ordered. That and aforementioned stick.- Option 1 -BIG GLASSEScarrie-donovan Would you recognize the famous former Vogue and New York Times Magazine style editor, Carrie Donovan, without her enormous round glasses? An easy transformation and fairly noncommittal.- Option 2 -HATSisabella blow trioI probably don’t have the cajones of the late Isabella Blow, but I do give the girl her props. I shy away from wearing a fedora. This dynamo was rockin’ entire gardens atop her head!- Option 3 -DRAMATIC MAKEUPpriscillaThe young Priscilla Presley was undeniably beautiful. However, what made her an icon – thanks to none other than Elvis himself – was that makeup. She probably went through a dozen kohl liners a year, but she had the eyes and the complexion to pull it off. She looked like an exotic Barbie doll and America loved it. - Option 4 -UNCONVENTIONAL WARDROBEgrey_gardensEdie Beale’s unusual fashion choices were the consequence of privilege, predicament and necessity. Born and bred in New York society, little Edie Beale’s early life was storybook. But a divorce and a delusional, headstrong mother changed her fate and her fashions. With a closet full of Dior, Givenchy and Hermes, but no heat or running water, her odd ensembles were ingeniouslypractical and chic. Not convinced? See John Galliano’s Grey Gardens inspired collection below.grey gardens - john galliano - Option 5 -EDGY HAIRrhianna 3 There’s only one word to describe Rhianna. Fierce. The girl can and does rock every hairstyle under the sun. The fun of it is that she usually opts for a look that is as edgy and fearless as the artist herself. Spiky? Sure. Mohawk? Why not. Purple and white streaks? Of course! Honestly, I will never, ever wear a mohawk. But I have been considering dying a few strands of my hair pink. And since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I have the perfect excuse. Besides, I think that shy, little girl is finally ready to get a little funky, have a little fun and get her groove on. Yeyah!Tricia xo