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Eat Before You Eat & Drink Before You Drink

Tips to navigate holiday parties to stay hydrated and healthy.

These tips work for everyone.

A good friend once told me that her father always said it's a good idea to drink before you drink and have a big glass of water before heading out for an evening of revelry.

As a wellness coach I found that advice so brilliant that I created other clever little hacks for navigating holiday eating and drinking. Because let's face it, December can be a minefield of calories and naughty noshes.

One year I attended a holiday party after a LONG day in the office. I spent the day scrambling to tie up loose ends and, in the process, skipped lunch and failed miserably to drink even enough water to hydrate a Chihuahua. It was the perfect storm for arriving at the party both thirsty and hungry.

Pro tip: NEVER be a thirsty drinker! That first Peppermintini went down like water, and in all honesty, I would have NEVER said yes to a Peppermintini if I hadn't been hypoglycemic and dehydrated. The buffet and my Spanx didn't stand a chance, and it wasn't pretty.

Parties should be fun! Drink a fun drink, eat the yummy snacks and have a plan that lets you enjoy it all and still feel great!

Drink before You Drink

I always say hydration is the low-hanging fruit of wellness. It's the one thing most of us can do better, and it's a super hack for controlling appetite and avoiding being a thirsty drinker. Every one of my coaching programs uses proper hydration as a foundational habit because it gets fast, effective results. So, drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water during the day before parties and special events. The idea is to sip throughout the day, not chug it all at 3 pm. 

Eat Before You Eat

A little snack or mini-meal with fiber, healthy fat, and protein before special events goes a long way to supporting good judgment when it comes to food and drink. This simple hack balances blood sugar and helps you avoid being a hungry or hangry eater. We often skip meals when we know there will be tasty treats at an upcoming event, leading to overeating, overdrinking, and poor food choices. We've all done this, and it never works out well.

Chew More To Eat Less

This crazy simple hack works every time for everyone. Chew every bite of food between 22-32 times. Not only does this slow down eating, so you eat less, it actually increases your enjoyment of the food in your mouth. Once you get the hang of chewing correctly, it's a game changer. There is no way to scarf down a plate of cookies when you are savoring every bite. 

These tips are not just for the holidays; they can become habits to support a healthier, happier life when practiced consistently.

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