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EastBanc and Jamestown bring electric vehicle charging to Georgetown

Running low on energy? Tuesday, December 13, EastBanc, Inc. and Jamestown will unveil a new electric charging station, the first in Georgetown. Electric car owners can drive into the M Street Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station at the PMI Parking Garage at 3307 M Street, and recharge their electric power-driven vehicles.


The charging station, developed and produced by SemaConnect, is a sleek, compact charging unit, easily installed and integrated into existing facilities.

EastBanc and Jamestown are absorbing all charging costs for the first three months of operation. After the initial complimentary three-month period, the cost to charge electric vehicles at the charging station will run $.50 to $1.50.

The need for convenient, public charging is growing fast as most major automakers are already producing electric car, or will be in the near future.

Many urban locations don't have access to home or garage units, and all EV drivers need to have the confidence they can find a charge if the battery runs low while they are on the road.

"This effort confirms our commitment to environmental improvement and efforts to help reduce the eco-impact of carbon dioxide emissions in Georgetown," says Anthony Lanier, EastBanc's president. "Investing in this novel infrastructure not only benefits the air we breather but favors sustainable practices as well."

The network-based charging station features smart card authentication, automatic billing, and smart grid integration, for easy energy metering and demand response. "Our ChargePro EV charging stations are safe, reliable and extremely easy to use," says Mahi Reddy, CEO of SemaConnect.

"We're building an electric infrastructure to encourage more drivers to feel confident about making the switch to electric. Thanks to Jamestown and EastBanc, we're that much closer to an electric reality in the District."