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From the East Village, It's a Wrap for 2013

Call this the year I officially became an adult, having added to my list of essential service providers an accountant, intellectual property attorney, personal trainer and transitional moving specialist. Previous list: dermatologist, hairdresser, floral designer, and dentist.

The suburban house where I grew up, and for four more decades visited weekly, is gone. Poof, not as in conflagration, but emptied of all its stuff, most of which I'd known since I could crawl. European, my parents did not practice consumerism. I learned that on my own.

Now sold, the home's previous nonagenerian owner, who early this year made an abrupt but ultimately remarkable transition to his current state of vulnerability and acceptance, is now thriving in his new assisted living apartment. While my day job as personal assistant and social director takes me there, this year more than ever before, my home is in Georgetown.

For commercial real estate, the times they are a-changin, but the residents here are always fascinating. Those whom I’m lucky enough to call friends make this the most interesting village in which I can imagine living.

In chronological order, from The Georgetown Dish, my list of the year's most Dishiest:

'The List'

Capella Brings Luxury and High Style to Georgetown

Percy Park Dedication at Georgetown Waterfront Park May 23

The George Town Club is Back!

Rutger de Vink, Great American Winemaker

Marcos Galvany Produces 'Oh My Son' Limited Edition CD

Camelot Cocktails with Kitty Kelley

Next year, 'Ubering' will remain my favorite urban sport, and Sicily my new travel destination.

Wishing all those who contribute to, support and read The Georgetown Dish a most joyous holiday season and New Year!