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“The purpose of the movie is to make people aware of what’s going on,” Dominique Purdy told Hollywood on the Potomac. “It’s for people that are not experiencing the type of things that I have based on my personal experiences and those of a lot of people of my background. It is to show people what it’s like dealing with this on a daily basis. People that deal with this on a daily basis – they get a lot of the jokes because the humor in this [stuff] is ridiculous!” Dominique Purdy is the star and co-writer of Driving While Black being shown at the DC Independent Film Festival (DCIFF).

Driving While Black (DWB) is a dark comedy, rooted deeply in reality… but not a reality that everybody is familiar with. The film explores the reasons why so many black men have concerns of unfair treatment, especially while driving. “Anyone who has ever driven while black, (or knows someone who has) will laugh throughout – and it might just change an opinion or two,” Purdy added. It’s a comedy about the extra layer of police hassle that the young black man faces while driving. We asked him when he was aware of this going on, when he was a teenager driving around? “No, when I was born,” he laughed. “Only in America!”