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Dumbarton House Hosts Homeschool History Days

Introduce students to our nation’s past through hands-on programming at Dumbarton House. Homeschool History Days begins February 22 and runs through May 31, 2018.

Homeschool students ages 5-12 are invited to “travel back in time” 200 years and explore the early history of Washington D.C. Each program includes an interactive tour of the museum, snack, and an activity. Cost: $7 per student, $3 per adult.

Homeschool Schedule

2/22 Dumbarton Detectives: Students become history detectives and uncover evidence of how Dumbarton House has changed over the last 200 years. Through hands-on activities students will practice conservation of “historic” objects and will get to create their own plaster cast to take home.

3/29 Art at Dumbarton: A picture is worth a thousand words so during this program students will read art pieces in the house to better understand artistic tools, mediums, and techniques. Students will also be challenged to create their own still life drawings using different artistic mediums.

4/26 Farm to Table: Were Federal period households energy efficient? How do we interact with our environment? Students will explore the inside and outside of Dumbarton House to learn more about where our food comes from and how to be more responsible citizens of the Earth. By using herbs cut in Dumbarton House’s own garden students will feel even more connected to the historic site.

5/31 Parthenon to Portico: What does America have in common with Ancient Greece? Students learn how America was influenced by this great civilization by comparing Classical Greek and American ideals of government, art, and architecture. Using elements of Classical Greek architecture and their own imagination, students design a public structure to take home!


Dumbarton House is located at 2715 Q Street in Georgetown.