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Double Exposure

For three days, Washingtonians were treated to a series of investigative films shown at The National Portrait Gallery. The Double Exposure event showcased the best films inspired by investigative journalism with a symposium for working journalists and filmmakers across a variety of genres and platforms. The timeliness of the event comes on the heels of difficult circumstances in current newsrooms as regards the rights of journalists and visual storytellers who are challenged on nearly every level—legally, financially, logistically and in terms of safety. “And despite their common ground, journalists and filmmakers often remain strangers to each other. They tend to operate in distinct silos within their own ecosystems, missing out on the critical opportunity to interact and engage in an exchange of ideas, resources, and best practices.” Double Exposure

Hollywood on the Potomac previously reported on one of these films from the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) in Canada so we won’t go into much detail other than to bring you an interesting discussion of “All Governments Lie” – LIE being a word that is no longer acceptable in newsrooms.