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Dish Q&A with ChiliBeyonce: Chihuahua, Humanitarian and Style Star

ChiliBeyoncé is a Chihuahua who was born in a puppy mill. She was then shipped to a pet store where she sat alone until she was purchased by a young couple. The stress of those homeless, lonely days made her very sick. Poor ChiliBeyoncé was close to death when the couple brought her to the ER at SouthPaws Veterinary hospital.

As luck would have it, Dr. Dondi Dahlgaard was on duty that night in the ER. The couple could not afford to treat ChiliBeyoncé, so Dr. Dahlgaard stepped in and took over her care. Now six years later, ChiliBeyoncé (known to her friends as "ChiliB") is healthy and living with her Mommy in a loving home.

ChiliB knows she is blessed to live in the lap of luxury, but it pains her to know so many of her fellow dogs are homeless and alone. So, ChiliB and her Mommy are raising money for the Washington Humane Society to help rescue and find homes for her canine compadres.

In her first year participating in the Fashion for Paws runway show on April 10, ChiliBeyoncé has already broken all fundraising records – $20,715 - so far! She's going for the title "Model Washingtonian of the Year"; should she win, she'd love to do her walk down the runway to her namesake Beyoncé's song “All the Single Ladies.”

The deadline for donations is Friday April 9 at noon. ChiliB is asking you to make a pledge in any amount, as every dollar can help a needy dog find a home and loving family. Click here to donate: ChiliBeyoncé.


ChiliBeyoncé is a long-time fixture on the Georgetown circuit - beloved for her sunny disposition and outgoing nature. The Georgetown Dish interviewed ChiliBeyoncé from her leopard-print dog bed at home. The Q&A follows:

GeorgetownDish: Where do you like to dine in Georgetown?

ChiliBeyoncé: Café Milano, of course, do you even have to ask? Franco Nuschese always gives me the best table. The grilled chicken palliard is my fav.

And when I’m jonesing for some skinny fries, my girls and I go to Peacock Café. My Mommy says Peacock has the best Bloody Mary in town, but she doesn’t let me drink alcohol. Bummer.

Every night I dream of coconut cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake... mmm... I could eat a dozen! Okay, well since I only weigh five pounds, maybe I couldn't eat a dozen, but a lot of ‘em for sure.

Q:Where do shop in Georgetown?

ChiliBeyoncé: Get out! How did you know that shopping is my #1 obsession? ....Oh wait, now that I'm a humanitarian, I like to rescue other animals more than anything. But I’m a humanitarian with STYLE – you know, like Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn?

Georgetown has the best shopping anywhere. My favorite stores are Intermix, Cusp, Ralph Lauren, Sassanova, Christ Child, Hu's Shoes, Blue Mercury and Random Harvest for our home.

Q:What is your favorite activity in Georgetown?

ChiliBeyoncé: On sunny days, I love walking along the cobblestone sidewalks, making friends along the way. That’s why I look so familiar to you- I’m everywhere!

After we get our hair done at Todd Christofar Salon, my Mommy takes me for a stroll in along the Potomac River on the Washington Harbor Park. Love. It.

Q: If you could only go to one spot in Georgetown for the rest of your life, where would it be?

ChiliBeyoncé: I’m addicted to my weekly mani/pedi at Georgetown Nails. I’ve been going there since I was a puppy, and everyone knows me! And, when I need to tweet to my fans from my Blackberry, they are super cool about doing my manicure one paw at a time.

Please donate for ChiliBeyoncé to the Washington Humane Society's Fashion for Paws. And follow the adventures of ChiliBeyoncé on Twitter!