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Diets Don't Work

Detox and reset.

That's right. Diets and dieting don't work. Experts think as many as 80-90% of people who diet will gain back the weight they lose and then some.

Most people who gain weight do it gradually. It doesn't happen overnight; it happens over time. 

Maybe it starts as a couple of pounds a year. Then something like a Covid lockdown happens, things accelerate, and now it's a substantial weight gain. Our first reaction when we get to the place of buying more oversized clothes is - it’s time to diet!

Here's why dieting is counterproductive. Our bodies have a "weight set point." Weight set points combine genetics, behavior, environment, and hormones; when we gain weight over time, our weight set point increases in tandem with the weight gain. Meaning our metabolism is burning energy at a rate to maintain our weight set point, making it a b*tch to lose and keep off added pounds. UGH!

Restricting caloric intake does not change our weight set point; it simply trains our bodies to adjust to functioning on fewer calories. At first, we lose weight; then, things level out, and cravings and hunger signals scream at us for calories to get back to the weight set point. We end up gaining back the lost weight and feeling horrible about it. 

The easiest and most successful way to lose weight and keep it off is by giving our bodies what they need and love to function optimally. 

Our bodies and brains jump into metabolic action when we eat more plant-based whole foods and create healthier habits. Exercise, stress management, hydration, nutrition, and sleep are vital to our overall wellness, especially when striving to achieve bodies we love. When we get the messaging right between our different internal systems, weight set points naturally recalibrate, and we can more easily lose excess pounds and keep them off.

One of my favorite tips for managing a healthy weight is harnessing the power of hydration. You can read my Dish article Are You Drinking Enough Water? Probably Not, and start with a nice big glass of water to kick things off.

You can also join me for The Culinary Cure 21-Day Detox and Reset beginning Monday, September 26th. I provide a framework and accountability in my signature program to help you create healthy habits to support a lifetime of wellness. Diets don't work, but with the right tools, you can still eat, drink and be happy in a body you love.