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To Die For

Do you ever see something and say, “If I died and came back as a ________ (fill in the blank), I would want to be that one.” I do. Granted, I have a flair for the dramatic. But still. Sometimes a designer (or artist, architect, etc.) creates something so original, so beautiful that we can't help but be awed. The Luxe Life will be highlighting some of these objects d'art from time to time ... so extraordinary, each piece stands alone.

YSL bar

The "YSL" Bar, 1965

Francois-Xavier Lalanne

Two-tiered, maillechort and brass bar. The upper tier contains an ovoid bottle-rack in metal set in motion by a counterweight mechanism, a horn-form shaker, a spherical ice bucket and a cylindrical crystal glass vase by the Cristalleries de Choisy-le-Roi. The vase passes through the two tiers, supported by four steel feet cut with a blowtorch. Sold at auction for $3,548,960 in Paris, February 2009.

(description courtesy of Christie's)

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