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To Die For - R&Y Augousti

Do you ever see something and say, “If I died and came back as a _________ (fill in the blank), I would want to be that one.” I do. Granted, I have a flair for the dramatic. But still. Sometimes a designer - or artist, photographer, architect - creates something so original, so beautiful that one can’t help but be awed. Luxe & Lucid will be highlighting some of these objects d’art from time to time. So extraordinary, each piece stands alone.If I died and came back as an … ACCESSORIES COLLECTIONr&y collectionR & Y AUGOUSTI 20 years ago, through the grace of the design gods, Ria and Yiouri Augousti met in London. They fell in love, married, and formed the company R&Y Augousti. From the beginning, their design sensibilities were a match made in heaven. Traveling the world, they select exotic skins, stones and other natural materials for their furniture and accessories collections. Sculptural, textural and drop-dead gorgeous, each piece is a work of art. And attention men: ifthere is a chic, worldly woman in your life whom you want to impress, this is the answer. Forget diamonds, forget the Mercedes. When you give a woman a gift from R&Y, you are telling her she is an exquisite, remarkable creature like no other. Perfection. 103 Rue du Bac, Paris 33 (0) (photos courtesy of