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Day's end greets you with a chill in the air.Skin is paler. Moods are darker.The blanket of night feels sinister and foreboding.... Autumn is the perfect foil for Halloween.As much as I love sunshine and the inherent joys of summer, come October I’m ready for a little kill and thrill. Bring on the horror flicks, the jack o’ lanterns and the sinister costumes. Maybe it's the yang to my yin, the naughty to my nice. Whatever it is … whatever the reason - I like me a little bad this time of year.horns Nobody twisted beauty on its head like Alexander McQueen. With the death of this genius in 2010, the fashion world lost a formidable talent and incomparable visionary.mcqueen feathers 2jeffandrewsbed A bedroom that’s a little less Sleeping Beauty and a lot more Evil Queen.lara vogue italia Dark angel Lara Stone in Vogue Italia.c. jereC. Jeré's Sunburst Nailhead Mirror is a dangerous beauty.alterA room in Vivienda En La Finca in Madrid designed by A-Cero. Spanish designers continue to blow my mind!trifecta 2The White Stripes, The Killers and Marilyn Manson. An All-Hallow’s-Eve concert trifecta. Perhaps headlined by Mrs. Jack White herself, Karen Elson [in all her pale skinned, red-headed glory] performing songs from her debut album, The Ghost Who Walks.karenjade jagger pill locket - CopyPill Locket by Jade Jagger. Lovely, convenient and deliciously inappropriate.devil wearsThe devil wears Prada … and McQueen and Dior.chestGothic crocodile Poulpina cabinet by Michel Haillard.good and evilThe repressed woman expressing her inner she-devil. Styling by Alexandra Zaharova and Ilya Plotnikov.diaboliquesLes Diaboliques(1955)A headmaster’s wife and mistress conspire to kill him. All goes awry when after the murder his body disappears. The perfect rental for all you ladies with a bone to pick. ; )boneSpeaking of bones … Bone cutlery by John Gerrard through Artware Editions.baconFrancis Bacon’s Self-Portrait (1969) and Figure with Meat (1954)Perhaps Damien Hirst – who purchased the self-portrait above from Sotheby's in 2007 – describes Bacon best …"I think Bacon is one of the greatest painters of all time. He's up there with Goya, Soutine and Van Gogh: dirty painters who wrestle with the dark stuff. He's complicated."EdgarAllenPoe_quote I read my first Poe story, A Tell-Tale Heart while still in grammar school. I think those nuns liked to torture us a bit. But despite my tender years, I was hooked. His writing is compelling, frightening, thrilling. And I'm dying to go on a Poe tour in Baltimore ... the perfect Halloween activity.For all my dark, complex and unconventional readers. Happy Halloween.Tricia xo Gothic chair