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Defeating Trump is Imperative and Electing Hillary is the Only Way

We live in a world turned upside down and too many Americans are buying into the candidate who apparently escaped from the asylum. In Trump world his supporters wait breathlessly to hear about leaked documents from a wanted criminal, Julian Assange, who is apparently being fed information by the Russians. Trump claims to be brilliant and his surrogates, like the clearly deranged Rudy Giuliani, call him a genius for losing a billion dollars in one year, 1995, and then sticking it to the American taxpayer to cover his losses by not paying taxes. This was at a time 1990-2000 when the economy was great, income went up and roughly 23,672,000 jobs were created.

The media is so sexist they don’t even realize it anymore. Andrea Mitchell attacks Clinton for being sick and repeats Trump’s unfounded charges about her health. Chuck Todd calls Hillary over-prepared for a debate and Brit Hume complains she smiled too much and called her unattractive. They don’t comprehend talking about a woman’s stamina, how much she smiled and attacking her for trying to power through a bout of pneumonia as if it’s a world crisis is sexist. This has become so central to media reporting they no longer see themselves as biased.

We see Trump run a campaign playing to the worst aspects of American society; racism, sexism, homophobia and misogyny. Then a New Hampshire Senator, Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), tells parents in her state Trump is a good role model for their children.

The Trump campaign and its surrogates have degenerated so far into the gutter it is embarrassing. Attacking Hillary by attacking her husband for his infidelities twenty years ago and then suggesting she has cheated on him with not one iota of proof. Trump went even further by pantomiming Hillary stumbling when she felt feint in the same vein he joked about a disabled reporter.

Add to this Trump is running a fact free campaign. He denies climate change calling it a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese and submits a tax plan that continues to provide all the loopholes he uses to not pay taxes. Trump and his children get caught with their hands in the cookie jar of his personal foundation using it to pay personal legal debts and buying ugly portraits of him to hang in his for-profit golf club. Using money from the foundation to buy off the Florida AG. If all this isn’t the world turned upside down I don’t know what is.

On Tuesday night during the Vice-presidential candidates debate his running mate Mike Pence, the notorious anti-gay, anti-woman Governor, blatantly lies denying all the things Trump has said all of which are recorded on tape. Again the world turned upside down.

The only answer for decent Americans to all this craziness is to vote for and ensure Hillary Rodham Clinton is our next President. You may not love her and you may have bought into some of the twenty-five years of Republican smears against her trustworthiness; but this is not the year for a ‘protest vote’. This is not the year to take a chance your vote will help elect the person who appears at different times to channel a clown, Hitler or Mussolini.

You don’t have to be in love with Hillary to recognize she is the most experienced and intelligent person to run for President in our lifetime. Love her or not she has a nearly fifty-year record of public service from her days working to help children with disabilities get a good education with the Children’s Defense Fund to her time as Secretary of State when she worked successfully to get a cease fire between Israel and Hamas; keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons; and spoke out for the rights of the LGBT community around the world among many other successes. You don’t have to be in love with Hillary to recognize she fought for and won health insurance for eight million poor children; made adoption easier to help children get a loving home; and worked across the aisle when she was in the Senate to ensure our national guard had health insurance and first responders after 9/11 were guaranteed care.

So you may not love her or admire her as I have since first meeting her in 1990 when she worked successfully to improve the education of all children in Arkansas. But as a thinking person who wants America to continue to have the respect of the world; continue to see our economy grow; want a more equal playing field for all; and want to reject the politics of fear and division; you have only one vote to cast for President and that vote must be for Hillary Rodham Clinton.