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DC Reopens for Business

“May 21 is a turning point,” said DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. “There will be no capacity requirements after that for almost all activities, including libraries, museums, gyms and fitness centers, pools, recreation centers, places of worship, business meetings, schools, child care and the like.”

Bowser will order the lifting of nearly all COVID-19 restrictions on public and commercial activities in the District. The loosening does not include bars, nightclubs or large entertainment and sports venues, however, which will be allowed to operate only at 50-percent capacity.

“But on June 11, capacity limits and restrictions will be lifted on all those venues that cannot fully reopen on May 21,” the mayor stated.

Regarding masking, “Guidance will emphasize the current mask and travel guidelines, cleaning and disinfecting recommendations and COVID-19 case reporting requirements.” These include: “Fully Vaccinated People: Wear a mask and wash your hands. Unvaccinated People: Wear a mask, stay six feet apart and wash your hands.”

Along with the mayor’s announcement, a timeline for D.C. government employees to return to office work was posted. According to the chart, up to 50 percent will return by June 7. It states: “Executive, Excepted and Management Service employees will be required to be in office the majority of the week. By July, all employees are required to be set and working in new in-office work schedules.”