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Crime in Georgetown: 2010 numbers

Crime in Georgetown closed out its 2010 numbers. And what did they look like? Sort of a mixed bag really.

  • Total crimes: 880 (down 4.76%)*
  • Categories up in 2010:
    • Stolen Autos up 10.53%
    • Robberies up 26.83%(!)
    • ADW up 48%(!!)
    • Sexual Assault up 200%(!!!)
  • Categories down in 2010:
    • Thefts down .18% (there was only one less theft in 2010)
    • Burglary down 12.2%
    • Car Break-ins down 36.67%

In fairness, some of these percentages are getting skewed by how low the numbers are. But they are troubling nonetheless. GM will dig in a little more to the numbers over the next week or so, so stay tuned!

*Interestingly, at the ANC meeting Lieutenant Hedgecock stated that crime in Georgetown (i.e. PSA 206) was down 6%, so either he’s got different stats than GM or someone’s math is wrong.