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Craig Schaffer's Welded Fractals at Artist's Proof

Artist's Proof is featuring Welded Fractals, works by Washington, D.C. artist Craig Schaffer. A curated selection of his Fractal series will be on view this fall.

On Saturday, September 21st from 3:00-5:00 pm MEET THE ARTIST event with Craig Schaffer. His works will be on view till Saturday, October 12th.


Schaffer's sculptures represent the dynamic and powerful meditations on the reality of geometric repetition in the natural world. These sculptures explore the shapes created by the branching of plants to catch the sunlight, the convoluted unfurling of clouds, the formation, and fracturing of mountains from the forces within the earth. Because of the nonlinear, reflexive nature of physical processes, they tend to create spiral forms. Schaffer's sculptures, instead of illustrating any specific phenomenon, grow in the same reflexive manner as real complex systems. Currently, Schaffer maintains two studios: one in Washington, D.C and the other in Pietrasanta, Italy.

Artist's Proof is located at 1533 Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown.