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Corey Harris Live at Blues Alley March 11-13

Come to Blues Alley March 11 through 13 for Corey Harris "Rasta Blues Experience." Corey Harris is a guitarist, songwriter, and performer who is leading a contemporary revival of country blues with a fresh, modern hand. He is a powerful and compelling singer and an accomplished guitarist whose musical artistry is complemented by serious explorations of the historical and cultural conditions that gave rise to the blues. He demonstrates his respect for the past and his mastery of the Mississippi Delta blues tradition by interpreting the songs of early blues luminaries in new ways, while also creating an original vision of the blues by infusing his music with a broad range of sounds and styles.

"Fulton Blues", Corey Harris' new collection of both original and classic material, celebrates the timeless sound of traditional blues with fresh, insightful lyrics that paint an unflinching picture of life in the American South, both then and now. "Fulton Blues" is rooted in the blues tradition with true story-telling and soulful musicianship. It is the next step in the nearly twenty-year career of today's most daring and innovative acoustic blues player.

COREY HARRIS "RASTA BLUES EXPERIENCE"$25.00 - $30.00 (Blues/Reggae)Friday 3/118:00 pm Buy Tickets 10:00 pm Buy TicketsSaturday 3/128:00 pm Buy Tickets 10:00 pm Buy TicketsSunday 3/138:00 pm Buy Tickets 10:00 pm Buy Tickets

Blues Alley is located at 1073 Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown.