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Cooper Watch

What are the odds that Bradley Cooper was your waiter back in the late nineties at Cafe Milano? If you take into consideration all the mathematical possibilities, it’s probably pretty good: Just do the math. The Georgetown University student who graduated in 1997 was also working as a waiter at Cafe Milano which opened in 1992. So Hollywood on the Potomac and other regulars at the Georgetown hotspot since the opening just want to say thank you Bradley for the great service.

Cafe Milano hosted an Oscar watch party to benefit Dog Tag Bakery and to cheer on Oscar nominee Cooper for Best Actor and American Sniper, nominated for Best Picture.

“Welcome to this special Oscar Night,” said Cafe Milano proprietor Franco Nuschese. “I was very privileged to be at the Oscars once and believe it or not it was the year that “La Vita è Bella” won.” That would be “Life is Beautiful” to us, starring Roberto Benigni winning an Oscar® in 1997 and who could forget that? Think Benigni enthusiastically climbing over heads to get to the stage at the 71st Annual Academy Awards® after being introduced by Sofia Loren.