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The Coolest Way to Reduce Fat

The perfect body is nearly impossible to achieve. We have all seen the airbrushed photos, and let’s face it, most of us are human…in fact we All are! Perfection may be impossible, but improvement is not. While there are procedures to contour the body that include things like liposuction, an invasive procedure requiring anesthesia and significant postoperatve recovery, the twenty-first century brings us some new treatments that require no healing time, are practically painless with long-lasting effects. Among the most recent of these is Zeltiq, a non-invasive procedure that utilizes an advanced cooling technology, the medical term for which is cryolipolysis—a process that breaks down fat cells without damage to other tissues. Physicians at the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery were among the first to apply this cutting edge procedure in a clinical setting. Once you and your physician have identified the areas on which treatment is indicated, a device is applied to the skin. No needles, incisions, anesthetic or recovery time is needed. A minor vacuum pressure and cooling of the skin is felt as the procedure begins to take effect. Days after the procedure is performed, the cooled fat cells begin to shrink. The cold destroys the fat cells in the region and the body naturally disposes of them through normal metabolic function. As this occurs, there is noticeable improvement in body contour. Measurable fat reduction is typically seen two to four months after a single Zeltiq procedure, after which time the degree of cosmetic improvement is assessed and consideration given to additional work if necessary. Although the procedure requires no recovery time and patients may resume normal activity including work and exercise immediately after treatment, Zeltiq takes two hours or more in the office depending on the size and extent of the areas undergoing treatment. A pre-treatment consultation with the doctor will give you the opportunity to discuss how long your procedure will take so that you can schedule your time accordingly. As with any fat reducing procedure, there is no magic bullet. This is not a substitute for a healthy diet and active lifestyle. The ideal candidates for Zeltiq are those patients in good general health and who have modest areas of fat they would like reduced. This is not for those who have a large amount of weight to lose or may be considered morbidly obese. As with all medical procedures, it is important to choose a qualified physician that is experienced with these medical procedures. Choose one with which you are comfortable, both in relationship and in quality of work. You should always feel free to ask questions and understand the scope of the treatment and any potential side effects.