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'The Conservation Game'

Photo credit: Daniel Swartz

Video credit: Brendan Kownacki

“I first ran into the issue of exotic animals as pets back when I was actually doing a couple of films in Europe for 20th Century Fox and I had read a book on the subject and that book happened to be written by Tim Harrison who’s the public safety officer in Oakwood, Ohio. I was really just fascinated by the stories that he was telling by the interactions he was having with the public with these exotic animals. It really revealed to me this incredibly bizarre subculture and also just how vast this was in the United States, this practice of bringing these exotic animals in your home, the lack of regulations. So I really just became very interested in it and that actually led to me doing the film The Elephant in The Living Room,” director of The Conservation Game Michael Webber told Hollywood on the Potomac in an exclusive interview prior to the DC Premiere at the Eaton Hotel Theatre followed by a discussion with Webber, Carol Baskin, Tim Harrison and moderator Steve Clemons, Editor-at-Large, The Hill with an intro by Rep. Mike Quiqley.