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Confluences: Intersectional Visions of Italy

An exhibition in Georgetown exploring issues of social justice through art.

The Italian Cultural Institute of Washington and the Georgetown University Art Galleries present Confluences: Intersectional Visions of Italy at Georgetown University Art Galleries through April 7, 2024.

These artists (Dafne Boggeri, Valeria Cherchi, Giulia Crispiani, Maria Adele Del Vecchio, Binta Diaw, Alessandra Ferrini, Muna Mussie) explore issues of social justice connected to notions of Italy, which is far more complex than the single cultural, political, or social space it is commonly thought to be.

Across a variety of media and practices, the artists share an ethical and methodological commitment to linguistic exploration, critical thinking, research, and intersectionality—which recognizes how individual identities are shaped by factors such as race, gender, and nationality in unique ways that can both oppress and empower. As in a water system, their work can be regarded as diverse currents flowing toward one purpose: the affirmation of complex personal and historical narratives that challenge stereotypical understandings of Italy.

Curated by Ilaria Conti.

Georgetown University Art Galleries is located at 3535 Prospect Street NW.