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Concierges of Washington honored

The difference between the Pentagon and the concierges of Washington is that the later has fewer leaks. A party in their honor was held at Tony and Joes at the harbor in Georgetown while fundraising for the Les Clefs d’Or Foundation, Whitman-Walker Clinic and the John C. Campbell Scholarship Fund. As Luis Colaneres. President of The Washington Area Concierge Association, puts it, he's had a lot of weird requests from buying a hummer on the spot to blacking out an entire room. "I have to keep their names confidential," he said, "but when I was at the Ritz Carlton, a guest came to the desk because he wants to buy a hummer. It was on a Sunday around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I made some calls and made it happen. You have to ride with me said the guest, so we did. When we came back to the hotel he said he would buy it if I like it. I said yes, so the guest bought the car right there on the spot."See video of DC Concierges Confess: Washington Guests' Special Requests