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Come learn more about the Georgetown Village

Tuesday night, organizers of the Georgetown Village will be holding reception at the Georgetown Presbyterian church on P St. at 7:00 pm.

GM has mentioned this before, but it’s probably worth repeating. The Georgetown Village is a proposed program modeled after other successful programs in the area (e.g. the Capitol Hill Village). The concept is to create a network of support for Georgetown senior residents so that they may live in their homes longer. For example, here are some of the services that the Georgetown Village would like to provide:

  • Transportation to the supermarket, doctor, etc.
  • Help around the house with simple tasks
  • Social events
  • Educational programs

You get all that for just a introductory yearly fee of $500 for an individual or $800 for a household.

It’s really important to the vitality of the community that Georgetown remain a multi-generational neighborhood. There are lot of policies we can enact in the pursuit of that goal (such as allowing accessory dwellings) but in GM’s opinion, no single policy would be as effective at improving the quality of life for Georgetown’s seniors as a well run Georgetown Village program.

So come out and see for yourself tomorrow night.