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Chryssa Wolfe Art Show in Rehoboth Beach

The artist explores themes of language, communication, and the interplay between light and shadow.

Chryssa Wolfe is a distinguished designer, builder, and artist known for her innovative approach to combining architecture, design, and fine art.

Her 2024 art show will be on display at The Gallery at Elegant Slumming, 33 Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware from June 29 through July 28, 2024. Opening reception is June 29th from 4:00 to 8:00 pm.

My Selfie in South Beach, LIberated
My Selfie in South Beach, LIberated  Photo by Chryssa Wolfe

The collection is presented in three categories, and in Chryssa's words:

Painting On Ice: I took a risk and tried a new medium (painting on glass). It was scary and exciting all at once. This body of work was very difficult to create. From a technique view, I had to paint backwards. What would normally be my last stroke, became my first. I started to experience life in reverse which somehow brought me great calm and clarity.

The Winds Group: Sometimes, wanting to move on takes more power than we can muster.  At first, they blow the wrong way and you find yourself stumbling backward. However, if you are lucky enough to catch it going in the right direction it will take you where you need to go. 

Quintessential Me: No matter what…I can never seem to escape the simplicity of my trusted brushes, oil paints, and canvas. They are my old confidant, always ready. As glorious music pours into my studio, it inspires me to create vivid visions and movements that bring me great joy. Sometimes these images present themselves in a complicated manner, but mostly they offer a glimpse into my everyday life that I now cherish more than ever.

Still Standing
Still Standing  Photo by Chryssa Wolfe


Based in Washington, DC, Wolfe has garnered a reputation for her ability to create spaces that are both aesthetically stunning and functionally dynamic. Her work seamlessly blends contemporary design principles with artistic sensibilities, resulting in unique and captivating environments.

Her artistic works, which often complement her architectural projects, showcase her keen eye for composition and her ability to convey emotion and narrative through visual media. She often explores themes of language, communication, and the interplay between light and shadow.

Wolfe's distinctive style and groundbreaking techniques have earned her a prominent place in the art world, making her an influential figure among Washingtonian artists. She has exhibited extensively, with her pieces featured in major museums and galleries.