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Cheese Heads Greet Their Candidate For VP

Cheese heads unite. And, they did, along with more than 1,000 other supporters of the Republican vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, at a fundraiser Friday night at the Westin in Arlington Va.

The well-organized Virginia contingent of Romney Victory put together the metropolitan area fundraiser mere hours after Gov. Mitt Romney formally announced Ryan’s selection as his running mate.

There was a pre-private dinner for the higher rollers, a pre-photo shoot with the candidate for those who gave enough, than a general reception for lower rollers. That reception was nearly 40 minutes late in starting because, as one in-the-know operative said, the photo opportunity drew “twice as many people” as expected.

Natalia Janetti ©
Natalia Janetti ©

At the reception, a group of seven or so supporters brandished foam hats shaped like hunks of cheese. The first thing Ryan, a native of Wisconsin, did at the microphone was to give those cheese heads a big appreciative shout out. For those who didn’t know, Wisconsin fans like to wear cheese hats to sporting events.

Also cropping up in the audience were Romney 2012 rhinestone pins purchased from Ann Hand’s store on MacArthur Boulevard in D.C. But let it be known that Hand’s jewelry collection has political memorabilia of all kinds, GOP and Democrat.

Virginia Atty. Gen. Ken Cucccinelli and Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus, another Wisconsinite, warmed up the audience with praise for the R&R ticket and what they deem as faults of the current occupants at 1600.