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Chasing Cancer

“Intelligent people know me as the money person,” said Washington Post’s “The Color of Money” columnist Michelle Singletary when opening the Chasing Cancer segment with actress Fran Drescher and Black Eyed Peas rapper Taboo at The Washington Post’s headquarters in downtown Washington, DC. “But I have a backstory, a cancer backstory – so many people do. My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer stage two, my father-in-law died from lung cancer several years before and a year before him, my brother died of lung cancer. So I have a deep history with this thing that can tear a family apart or lift it up. Fran Drescher, who founded the Cancer Schmancer movement, brings humor to this topic. And Taboo is now Global Ambassador for the American Cancer Society.”

“You know it’s funny having to go back and re-live those moments, especially when you’re in front of people that want to know your perspective and your experience, it’s kind of like acting. You have to tap into something else, whether your doing a role, whether you’re challenging yourself. Right now I’m challenging myself to go back to that time period because I’ve been on a high, like uplifting spirited vibe and whenever I have to speak on it, it kind of takes me back to that time period just listing to your story. Excuse me if I get into like my own zone,” said Taboo.