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Ceramic Ikebana Lecture & Performance Aug. 24

In conjunction with the upcoming exhibition, Floating Islands: Ceramic Ikebana Vessels, join a special lecture and performance on Friday, August 24, 2018 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Japan Information & Culture Center, Embassy of Japan.

Japan Information & Culture Center
Japan Information & Culture Center

Show curator and renowned ceramist, Akira Satake, and distinguished Ikebana artist, Sheila Advani, will mark the opening of the new exhibition, "Floating Islands: Ceramic Ikebana Vessels.”

"In the history of Ikebana practice, there has always been the search for and appreciation of new styles of vessels to bring a breath of fresh air and new inspiration to Ikebana practitioners. This exhibition expounds on that dynamic, challenging both the potters and Ikebana artists to honor the traditions of the Ikebana schools while collaborating on new directions of creative expressions to enhance the future of the exquisite marriage of ceramics and flower arrangement." - Akira Satake, Curator

Mr.Satake will talk about his work and experience as both a ceramic and ikebana artist, focusing on his creative philosophy and his personal vision for this exhibition. He will discuss some of his work as a composer, and will perform a mini concert with shamisen and banjo. Distinguished Ikebana artist Sheila Advani, who holds the advanced master degree of komon from the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, will also join us for this lecture to discuss the history and schools of Ikebana, and her own views regarding the relation of an Ikebana arrangement to its ceramic vessel. Following her lecture, Ms. Advani will hold a live demonstration of an ikebana arrangement.

Tickets are free. Register here.

Japan Information & Culture Center is located at 1150 18th Street NW.