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Calypso St. Barth Coming to Georgetown

EastBanc, Inc. and Jamestown announced Monday that Calypso St. Barth -- the upscale women’s apparel and luxury home furnishings retailer -- has signed a ten-year lease to occupy the retail space at 3307 M Street.

The 2,718-square-foot showroom space will serve as the store’s first D.C. location and will replace the current double occupants AT&T Wireless and Salon Rafik.

Calypso St. Barth, founded in 1992, has grown from a modest resort-wear boutique to a luxury lifestyle brand, including an exotic home collection.

The home collection features pieces by contemporary American and European designers and mixes natural textiles from around the world to transform any living space into an effortlessly chic haven.

Nestled in with the current mix of fashion tenants – Intermix, Bonobos, Babette, Relish, City Sports and The North Face, Calypso St. Barth is another stylish fashion-forward lifestyle brand.

“Calypso St. Barth will deliver a combination of sophistication in both fashion and design disciplines to the vibrant retail community in Georgetown.” said Anthony Lanier, president of EastBanc. “The store’s blend of fashion and home furnishings makes this brand a perfect fit for the Georgetown Renaissance portfolio that supports our commitment to the neighborhood’s status as Washington’s premier retail destination.”

Calypso St. Barth plans to open in early spring 2014.