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Business Comedy Hour

“It’s between us and another country,” remarked Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe at the Residence of Ambassador and Mrs. Sasae in honor of the business relationship between Virginia and Japan and in particular about parking a huge Canon facility there. “I think it should come to The United States of America,” he added referring to the Canon bid..”The Japanese have a lot of choices about where you take your business. My only argument would be that if you are thinking about The United States of America, there is only really one State – The Commonwealth of Virginia is the best. Forget those other 49. We are very low taxed, we are very business friendly. We have 28 miles of ocean front down in Virginia Beach. We don’t have sharks, we have Dolphins who come and pick up your children who give them rides in the ocean and bring them back!”

One thing you can count on if if you put Governor McAuliffe together on the same platform with Ambassador Sasae, it’s going to be like a comedy hour. ““Tonight you will feel at home at the buffet table. We have ham from Richmond and chicken and eggs from Rappahannock County. The Saki, which on occasion I have been known to enjoy a bit too much, is from Japan. If we had found some Virginia Saki, we would have served that too. But tonight, our purpose is very simple – to enjoy ourselves and to promote the growing friendship between Japan and The Commonwealth of Virginia.”