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'Broad Influence'

“The book is dedicated to my mother who actually died five years ago,” author Jay Newton-Small of Broad Influencetold Hollywood on the Potomac at a book party in her honor at Cafe Milano in Georgetown hosted by Juleanna Glover, Giovanna Lockhart, Chris & Kathleen Matthews, Franco Nuschese, Heather Podesta, Michael Sherer, Kimball Stroud and Brian Wolff.

“I wish that she’d been here to see the book because to some degree it is the reason why I wrote it – because of her experiences. She was a very highly educated woman who had degrees from Oxford and Cambridge and Columbia, but she had a really, really hard time in the workforce,” she added. “She had men who wouldn’t look at her. She worked in the United Nations so she had Middle Eastern men who wouldn’t look at her and wouldn’t touch her, wouldn’t shake her hand, wouldn’t take orders from her. She had Latin American men who she worked with who thought it was part of her job description to sleep with them. She had a really hard time in her career, and part of that is why she didn’t actually want me to have a career when I was first entering the workforce. She just wanted me to get married and have kids, because she wanted my life to be easier than hers was.”