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#The Briefing

“When the President-Elect asked me if I’d like to serve as his Press Secretary, I had visions of West Wingin my head,” Sean Spicer told friends during a sit down interview with Spicer’s podcast co-host Katie Pavlich of for the launch of The Briefing: Politics, The Press, and The President at Pearl Street Warehouse at The Wharf in Washington, DC.


“I grew up, as I like to say, in a small town in Rhode Island with a pretty tight knit family,” the author and former White House Press Secretary said. “It wasn’t really political. I went to a Catholic high school and then went on to college. I started getting involved in campaigns towards the middle end of my years in college. My whole goal was to move to Washington, DC and get a job on Capitol Hill; [so] I came here and did everything you possibly could. I stuffed envelopes, drove people around in cars, volunteered for events and lived in a group house on The Hill with a lot of people.”