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Breaktime From Dresses

Jumpsuits are one of my favorites pieces of comfy-chic clothing that provide a nice break from wearing one more dress. They're an easy option for those nights you're not feeling inspired to put together an outfit - just throw on a jumpsuit, accessorize and voila, you're set! Jumpsuits are truly a staple piece to any wardrobe and are extremely versatile - dress them up with heels or wear them casual with flats, wear them with or without a belt, it's up to you! Plus, they're great transitional pieces in to Fall.Jumpsuit1

I love this bright red Lucy in Disguise jumpsuit - available at ShopBop! It's great for a night out when you want something a little dressy but fun that will make you stand out in a crowd. Pair it with chunky gold earrings or a long necklace and perhaps a lighter red-colored clutch.


For a neutral look, try this simple, two-tone cream and nude-colored jumpsuit by Olcay Gulsen available at ShopBop. Try adding a dark brown belt for a twist or wear it as-is for a sleek and polished look.


I am smitten for the color this mustard-gold colored jumpsuit by Malene Birger - which would look amazing paired with jewel-toned (emerald, royal blue, purple, etc.) accessories or keep it simple with bold gold jewelry - available at Net-a-Porter.


Charcoal gray is a great neutral that you can accessorize with so much - a pair of turquoise earrings or a fuchsia colored clutch. I love this Halston Heritage jumpsuit available at Net-a-Porter.


Finally, a LUST item of mine, this exquisite Stella McCartney sequin jumpsuit available at Bergdorf Goodman. Totally Red Carpet-worthy and truly a work of art, this would be a fabulous choice for an upcoming formal event to set you apart from the sea of dresses.

The jumpsuit has worked since the '70s and the days of Studio 54 and continues on to be a timeless piece to add to your wardrobe. They're also amazing because they are a friend to the post-baby body as they will hide those areas you may not feel like accentuating.