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Brad Pitt! 'Ad Astra'!

"We're delighted to have you here for this special discussion of this new science fiction film Ad Astra, said Fred Ryan, Publisher & CEO of The Washington Post. "Looking at the room, I see half of our newsroom here. I hope there's not any big breaking story this afternoon. We're pleased to have with us today Brad Pitt; the film's director James Gray; and NASA officials Sarah Noble and Lindsay Aitchison. As the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this summer reminded us, space still captivates the public imagination. Even as unmanned probes photograph distant corners of our universe, we still feel the natural human longing to explore beyond our known world. This is why NASA is preparing for the next phase of human space flight with ambitious plans to launch sustainable missions to the moon within the next decade. Eventually, they intend to send astronauts to Mars.”