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Bon-Chi: The Art of Edible Bonsai

Did you know that bonsai chilis are perennial trees and with the right care you can transform them into magnificent plants that grow all year long!

Learn about the basics of growing your own bonsai plant as well as getting a bunch of tips and tricks to be successful with Cultivate the City. Discover bonsai history, styles, tools, pruning, shaping, wiring, repotting, watering, fertilizing, pest control and soil blends.

Classes on Sunday from 1:00 to 2:00 pm are offered Sepembert 13, October 4 or November 8, 2020. Choose a date here.

Cultivate the City
Cultivate the City

Feel free to bring your own bonsai tree and additional ones will be available for sale.

Cultivate the City is an urban farming company based in Washington, DC that manages a network of sites including restaurant gardens, corporate and municipal green spaces, school gardens, a retail garden center and a rooftop farm at Nationals Park.

H St. Farms @ W.S. Jenks and Son by Cultivate the City is located at 910 Bladensburg Road NE Washington, DC.