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Bon Appetit!

"Tonight we celebrate the 4th edition of the The Michelin Guide for Washington, DC," said H.E. The Ambassador of France Philippe Étienne. “As you most certainly know, the Guide Michelin is more than a restaurant guide: It’s an institution. The first guide for France was printed in 1900. The first one dedicated to the United States came out in 2005 and the first whole guide in the Washington DC area in 2016. Each year, the announcement of who’s getting a Michelin star or two or three receives as much publicity as another prize. For the French and for many Americans as well, fine food is not about simply eating: It’s about quality of life, culture and pleasure. We all joined together in celebrating chefs who can bring joy through good meals, who can surprise us and who can guide us to new experiences. Chefs and Ambassadors have a lot in common with the materials we are given. ‘Give me a good chef and I shall give you good treaties.’ It’s true.”