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Biden's Story

Written by Brendan Kownacki

They’re in love with each other, it’s that simple.” This quote, as expressed by Vice President Joe Biden at the Human Rights Campaign’s National Dinner was more than an anecdote in a story, it became a rallying theme for the energy of the whole evening and the rights of gay, lesbian, transgender people that were being celebrated.

Biden’s story was about an encounter from when he was 17-years-old and saw two men embrace and kiss each other while his father drove him into town, and his fathered summed it up frankly; “They’re in love with each other, it’s that simple.” Biden said that since that moment, it has always been that simple of notion for him that love is love and that it doesn’t matter what size or shape or packaging it comes in. He humbly declined a label of being a political maverick or even being brave for his vocal support for marriage equality during a landmark year and said it was just who he thinks most people are and so he gave his voice to the cause.