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BID Seeks to Widen Georgetown Sidewalks

As reported by the Washington Business Journal, the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) seeks permission to install 5,000 linear feet of deck panels expanding the sidewalks along M Street and Wisconsin Avenue from about 9.5 feet to 15.5 feet.

The removable panels would be level with the sidewalk and extend about eight feet into the curb lanes. In addition to giving pedestrians more room along the already crowded public walkways, the widened sidewalks would provide added support to those businesses that have already gotten permits from the District to operate so-called streateries — outdoor dining areas extending into the roadway.

The BID will present its plans to a District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to the Old Georgetown Board on February 4, 2021.

"If it even had a 1% or 2% positive impact on sales, it would be successful," Joe Sternlieb, CEO and president of the BID said. "Some of the businesses are doing OK, and they're getting by, but others are really struggling, and so our focus is on April and going out there with a program for Georgetown that's new, and exciting, and will bring people back to the sidewalks."

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