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'Be Fearless'

“Let me be clear,” said co-host Kara Swisher at a party for Jean Case at the home of Hilary Rosen on the occasion of her new book: Be Fearless “He created the legislation that created the commercial internet. We were there when Al Gore invented it, and in fact he did. We were there when the internet started. We were there way early, way before Google, way before Uber, way before Facebook and probably will be here long after Facebook is gone. Sorry Facebook, I had to make a Facebook joke.”


Kara is an American technology business journalist who first met Jean when she was at The Washington Post and Jean was at AOL……a long time ago as noted by Jean who headed up communications and was the top ranking female executive at the company and one of the few women executives there. She had left GE, which was a big deal to join the AOL start up. “Nobody did start-ups then,” Kara noted. “It was not a trendy thing. In Washington, DC it certainly wasn’t.”