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B.B. King Birthday Bash at Gypsy Sally's Sept. 16

Celebrate B.B. King's Birthday September 16 at Gypsy Sally's with Ron Holloway, Linwood Taylor, Bobby Thompson, Eli Cook & Sol Roots.

When King died, in May, the world lost one of the greatest voices of the blues, which he expressed both with his vocals and by bending notes on his beloved guitars, which he always called Lucille. Early in his career, two guys fighting over a woman caused a night club in Twist, Arkansas, to go up in flames. King went into the inferno to save his guitar, realized that he had almost died, and from that point on named all his guitars after her, to remind himself never to do something so stupid again.

For tickets, click here.

Gypsy Sally's is located at 3401 K Street in Georgetown.