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The Band Perry

This week hosted a musical welcome for the new 114th Congress as The Band Perry, the GRAMMY nominated powerhouse trio, came to DC to advocate for musicians rights and stopped by the Capitol building for a special concert. The family band, composed of brothers Neil and Reid along with sister Kimberly shared both old music and new to a captivated crowd of more than 20 members of Congress, staffers, and esteemed guests of The Recording Academy.

As often when musicians make it up the hill, issues like copyright and fair wages were front-and-center to many. Rep Kevin McCarthy who serves as a co-chair for the Recording Arts & Sciences Congressional Caucus pointed out that music can “inspire us or define a decade” but along with that nostalgia, comes the need that “someone has to be the voice for the people who write those words or sing that vocal or that tune.” McCarthy encouraged new members of Congress to join the cause along with himself, Rep. Steny Hoyer and other outspoken advocates for music.