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The Baby Boom in Georgetown, cont'd.

What fascinating statistics on the rising number of children here in our town -- although having lived in Georgetown many years, I was well aware of a significant increase in the number of kiddies. Whereas in my early days here, there were many elegant black tie dinners in elegant houses and embassies. We went to these affairs at least twice a week, and gave some here our house as well. But times have changed, younger people moved into our Georgetown. They remodeled the run-down houses, and these busy younger, social ones began to dine in restaurants, not in their homes. Wives were often working lawyers, but they also wanted families, and children began to arrive. Black tie dinner parties began to disappear and soon our area became flooded with baby strollers. We worked to revive Rose Park, and other parks for the kiddies, and the churches began to start having play centers and then schools for the little ones. Sally Quinn has noted the change from elegant dinners since the demise of Kay Graham and other grand dames -- but also due to the lives of our vibrant, new, young people who are busy with work and children. However, they are bringing back the excitement some of us felt as FDR brought Tommy Corcoran and the other New Dealers here back in the thirties and forties to revive our village. I was here then too, but with a different man in a different house -- but that is a different story. I guess it must be almost 55 years living in beloved Georgetown. Time marches on but I always love Georgetown.