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Au Revoir

“Most of you think that you have been invited by Francesca and in a sense it’s true,” joked Gérard Araud, The Ambassador of France at a reception he hosted in her honor as she says goodbye to her post as Social Secretary and moves on to MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). “In a sense it’s true because she has been inviting a lot of people that I don’t know. First, everybody from the State of Rhode Island. To be frank, I was lucky that she was from Rhode Island and not California. There are 600,000 Rhode Islanders and approximately 40 million from California. So really, even this residence would have had some limit issues. There were also, of course, her friends, but it was great. It was really great to meet the friends of Francesca.”


“She’s going now to work for Charles Rivkin (new head of MPAA). She’s going to meet movie stars, and I think it’s a major reason why she’s leaving. I don’t see any other reason,” Araud continued with his well know sense of humor. “The first quality of Francesca, she’s quite a snob. I think it’s quite important for a Social Secretary to be quite a snob. It’s fairly easy to explain. She’s from Newport. The second aspect of Francesca is that, basically, she’s barely met a computer during her life which gives her a reputation as a sort of fantasy. Of course, I’m joking. Francesca has been with us for so many years, and when I say so many years, immediately you have to understand that means so many Ambassadors. Really, she worked for the Ambassadors the way you are going through storms. Francesca had to go not only through the Ambassadors but through the spouses of the Ambassadors. So Francesca, we have been a great team. We have had a lot of fun and I think you have had also a lot of fun with Pascal (his partner). I do think it was a great job we did together. You are always welcome here. Thank you Francesca. Thank you for your energy, your vitality. So be happy. Best to you! “