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Art of the City

“As far as the cover, that image was generated by photographing the dancer and exploiting the camera shutter and recording the movement of that dancer,” artist Ronald Beverly told Hollywood on the Potomac at a dinner party in his honor on the rooftop of The Hepburn hosted by Capitol File magazine Publisher Suzy Jacobs. “So it’s very similar to if you take a flashlight and stand in front of the camera in the middle of the night and you just move the flashlight in front of the camera, you get these lines, it’s the same concept. It’s just more elaborate with the suit that the dancer’s wearing and I’m watching the dancer move to musical passages. I’m familiar with the movements by watching her and then it’s intuitively taking pictures when I’m seeing something that really would register well.” This was the magazine’s third annual “Art of the City” issue. Inside the magazine, the Howard University Professor opens up about his stance on the digital-versus-film divide.