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Are You Inflamed?

Is your lifestyle creating inflammation?

So, what is inflammation, and why be concerned?

Inflammation is the core of your body's healing and immune response. When something harmful or irritating affects part of your body, it triggers inflammation, which increases blood flow to the affected area. The increased blood flow brings healing proteins and infection-fighting white blood cells, which help repair wounds and infections.

Some inflammation is healthy, but chronic low-level inflammation is linked to every lifestyle disease, from cardiovascular health to cancer. And you might not even realize you have low-level inflammation because you are used to how you feel and think it’s normal.

Here are some daily tweaks you can use to reduce low-level inflammation and energize your life.

Watch out for added sugars. White sugar is one of the MOST inflammatory substances on the planet. When you read a food label, sugar has two lines: total sugar and added sugar. Choose zero grams of added sugar as often as possible.

Avoid genetically modified foods (GMO's). Any food modified from its original genetic code is NOT the same food. When your body does not recognize GMO-modified foods, it tries to protect you with inflammatory symptoms. Do your best to eat foods that are organic and not processed.

Get more sleep. Inadequate sleep and poor sleep quality raise inflammation in your body. Sleeping 7-8 hours a night helps your body repair and restore itself, lowering inflammatory hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

Create a hydration practice. The lymphatic system is the body's trash can and is composed of 95% water. Hydration helps the lymphatic system flush toxins and metabolic waste, supports all metabolic functions, removes damaged cells, and fights infection. Without adequate hydration, toxins build up in your cells, tissue, and organs, slowing metabolism and making you more prone to infection and low-level inflammation.

There are more ways to lower inflammation and energize your health and your life.  Click to get more tips.

Zestfully Yours,
Kristen 🍋