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“The conservative values we share with the Asian American communities are deeply important to the growth of the Republican Party. I support ARC’s mission to increase representation and promote the diverse interests and views of all Asian Americans,” said Reince Priebus, Chairman Republican National Committee at the Newseum. Since Washington speaks in code, we’re going to spell that out for you: Asian Republican Coalition (ARC). The event hosted it’s “official unveiling” to announce and publicly introduce the coalition.

"It’s important to recognize that ARC is open to ALL Americans. Although I am not Asian American I represent a large part of what ARC represents. We are inclusive,” said Tom Britt, ARC Vice Chairman. Britt is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Equity Corporation, a financial advisory and private investment firm specializing in outbound and inbound mergers & acquisitions between China and the rest of the world. During the 2012 Presidential election cycle, he served as the Asia Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee and is a member of the Global Advisory Board of Republicans Overseas.

His remarks proved to resonate with those attending who encompassed Mr. Britt’s remarks. Guests were men and women of all nationalities.