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Apple Store starts selling Georgetown Cupcakes

The Apple Store started selling Georgetown Cupcakes. Or at least that appeared to be the case on Friday, but it turns out the crazy long line was for the new iPad part duex and not cupcakes. According to reports, at some point the line stretched around the corner on M St. all the way down to Thomas Jefferson. Bananas.

Well, GM’s not sure, but probably at least some of those people went home empty handed since the store sold out of the new tablet by the end of the day on Friday. By Saturday morning when GM stopped by the store, there was no line and sparse crowds because they still had no iPads. GM overheard one employee mention that the Tyson’s store may still have some, but it had the air of a desperate prospector talking about rumors of a few gold flakes in a river two valleys over.

According to the Post, on Friday there were 300 people in line before the store opened. At 5 AM(!). Austin Wood, a UMD student, was first in line and waited 17 hours for the benefit of being able to say that he wasted 17 hours of his life to own an electronics product slightly before some other people.

And more importantly, DC probably raked in some nice sales tax numbers on those electronics products. So it’s a win-win.