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ANC takes up Tudor Place and Wisey’s

The Georgetown Metropolitan previews ANC2E's agenda for Monday evening's meeting. The controversial Tudor Place building plans reported earlier in The Georgetown Dish and Wisey's expansions plans will be on the table, as well as several liquor license applications: . . .

Tudor Place

Tudor Place is planning a large construction project. They want to clear out all administrative uses from the main building and restore it entirely to its historical shape.

To accommodate this, Tudor Place wants to build climate controlled space for its large collection of documents and artifacts from the house. It also wants to build a new gatehouse and an educational center.

The neighbors are objecting to the proposed construction, mostly because of its effect on 32nd St. residents (the idea being that the new buildings would loom too much over the neighbors). They would like to see less construction above ground and more below ground space. CAG has said it won’t support the plan as it currently exists (Full disclosure: GM is on the CAG Historical Preservation Committee that voted on the resolution.) Read moreANC 2E meets October 4, 2010 at at 6:30 p.m. at Georgetown Visitation, Heritage Room, 2nd floor, 1524 35th Street NW.