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ANC Preview: Ugh Edition

The September ANC meeting is always a slog. The commission takes August off, so a whole second month’s worth of projects backs up waiting for review. Thus next Monday’s meeting is not for the faint of heart.

But the one upside of so many projects is that there are some interesting topics. Let’s dive in:

Morso’s Long Shot

Apparently Morso Restaurant at 3277 M St. is applying for a permit to allow sidewalk tables and chairs. There is no way there’s enough space on the sidewalk for tables and chairs on M St. Curiously, the agenda discusses “sidewalk tables and chairs on Prospect Street at the side of Moreso.” GM guesses that it’s supposed to say “Potomac St.” since the east side of Morso faces Potomac St. Nonetheless, given the battle that Potomac St. residents waged on Philly Pizza, GM suspects they may have something to say about a new sidewalk cafe. GM hopes something can be worked out. Read more