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ANC Meeting Monday: GM's Judge For Yourself Edition

After GM had his say yesterday on the ANC, you can come to the ANC meeting Monday, November 1, and see the ANC in action for yourself.

So what’s on tap? Unfortunately, not much. Five of the eight Old Georgetown Board items are residential, which can lead to heated discussions, but are rarely newsworthy. A good way to think of them is to view them as learning experiences as either how to or, more often, how not to go about doing home renovations.

As for the commercial matters, one thing jumps out to GM: Billy Reid, a high end clothing store, is moving into the space recently vacated by Riccardi at 3213 M St.

Another item GM noticed is that the new Thunder Grill, which installed a huge and ugly awning without any approvals, is getting reviewed by the Old Georgetown Board, but the ANC put it on the no-review calendar (they do that when they trust the OGB to make the aesthetic call).

There are a few ABC renewals, with Chadwicks, Modern, Rhino Bar, and Garrett’s all coming up, but GM doesn’t foresee any issue. Plus the interestingly named International House of Pong will make its first appearance. Read more